Hopefully we can answer a few of your questions here...
John Doe


Dogs on request. An additional pet bond will apply if approved. Also note local codes: Dogs-In-Public-Spaces

Josh Clark


The gas cock is located below the barbeque on the right side of the rear wall. Horizontal is OFF; Vertical is ON. Gas is supplied from two large cylinders under the external stairs and should always be available. Please contact the caretaker should you experience any issues.

John Doe


Beach chairs and umbrellas are provided in the garage. Please rinse off any sand before replacing. Ice and cooler blocks should be in the freezer.Elizabeth Beach is the only patrolled beach of the seven beaches in Pacific Palms. Boomerang and Bluey’s tend to be sheltered a the northern ends through the summer months however both often have rips and sweeps so please exercise caution and be particularly watchful of children and inexperienced swimmers.The surf breaks are arguably some of the best along the eastern coastline (some may say ‘the world’). For current conditions and photos please see: Recommend: Cool drinks, hats and plenty of slip, slop, slap!

Air Conditioning

Integrated above the kitchen/dining bulkhead. The remote is stored in the Audio cabinet We Recommend: Fresh sea breezes and the sound of the surf


A full chemical-free cleaning service is provided before and after your stay. Kitchen cleaners, bin liners, brooms, dust pan, mop, buckets, vacuum (see below) are provided for your daily convenience. Most are stored in the utility room at the rear of the laundry.


The majesty of the migratory whales and sheer delight of the dolphins are clearly visible to the naked eye. But when has a little visual enhancement ever hurt anyone? Binoculars are generally located in the Audio cabinet.


A full chemical-free cleaning service is provided before and after your stay. Kitchen cleaners, bin liners, brooms, dust pan, mop, buckets, vacuum (see below) are provided for your daily convenience. Most are stored in the utility room at the rear of the laundry.


Please let us know if something is damaged so we can arrange replacement. Also, if something you would like to see in the house is missing please provide feedback and we will endeavour to supply either during your stay or prior to your next visit.

Blue Bottles

Before entering the surf check the waterline for blue bottles washed ashore, especially through the summer months. Ice or warm water are both recommended remedies as the venom is most effective at marine temperatures. Most occurrences are relatively mild but severe stings or individual allergies can be dangerous so if nausea or chest tension occurs seek medical assistance immediately. For further advice on blue bottles and other bities: Creatures

Floor Heating

All polished concrete areas are equipped with underfloor heating. Controls need to be manually activated as the house is a passive solar design to optimise the winter sun. Access to the control panel is via the utility room at the rear of the laundry. Each zone is clearly labelled and can be operated individually. Kindly turn all switches OFF prior to departure.


Bedroom and bathroom linen is provided during and serviced after your stay. The laundry is equipped with two washers, two dryers, one tub, one airing rack, iron and ironing board for general use. A full-sized drying line is wall-mounted in the garage for airing beach towels, wetsuits etc. If using the washers, please note the temperature setting default is High; to adjust lower/cold simply depress the button above the thermometer symbol (second from Left) to your desired level. Washing powder is in the overhead cupboards. We Recommend: Taking a holiday from the laundry too

First Aid

A small First-Aid kit is provided in the pantry. Also see Contact Information for local pharmacies and medical services.


Switches are conventionally wired so Up=On and Down=Off although some are on two-way switches for convenience so please off when not in use. It’s Earth Hour every hour at Boomerang beach.


Mid Coast Council require rubbish to be separated into Recyclables (larger yellow top bin) and General Waste (smaller red top bin). All bottles, cans, paper, cardboard and some plastics (no wraps) are invited to the afterparty in the yellow bin where they mix freely. As General Waste becomes landfill please be mindful of our environmental responsibilities. Bins are collected early Tuesday mornings on a weekly basis for the red General Waste and fortnightly for the yellow Recyclables. A contractor services our bins and it would assist if you could kindly leave them just outside the garage prior to your departure.


Pacific Palms is a pristine and very relaxed environment but we would still suggest locking the house while away and at night. The house is alarmed and you will be issued with a remote activation unit as well as the garage roller door key by Pacific Palms Holidays.


88 Nord is a smoke-free zone. Please respect the health and comfort of other guests. Ashtrays are provided for outdoor use so please do not discard butts in the lawn or garden. Special cleaning charges may be applied if smoking occurs inside the house. We Recommend: Go surfing whenever the urge to smoke arises


Digital Free to Air channels are available via a 60” LCD screen. The CD/DVD and iPod dock are located in the Audio cupboard. Select the appropriate mode via the Input knob. Audio zones can also be customised. Remote controls are stored in the Audio cabinet.


Complimentary WiFi and up to 5GB of data is provided. Optus and Telstra are both provided a generally consistent service, however Vodafone is extremely weak in the area. We Recommend: A good book (hardback or Kindle)


Screens are fitted on most windows and are retractable on selected sliding doors. They are generally only required on summer nights..